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12 pcs Professional makeup brushes tools set

12 brushes just to let you brush natural look,to create smooth and detailed results,  from large blush brush to lip, everything,whether novice or professional makeup artist 


  1. large powder brush, brush, brush blush Blusher Brush long 14cm
  2. Blusher Brush long 12.8cm
  3. double color flat brush long 13.5cm
  4. large eye Smudge Brush, long 13.5cm
  5. flat trumpet Foundation Brush long 13.7cm
  6. medium eye shadow brush, Smudge Brush long 13.2cm
  7. large oblique eyebrow brush, shadow, Blusher Brush long 13.5cm
  8. small eye shadow brush long 13cm
  9. small angle 13cm long eyebrow brush
  10. lip length 12.5cm
  11. eye liner brush long 12.5cm
  12. flat contour brush 18cm, closed 10.5cm


"We ship direct from our manufacturer in order to save on costs and provide this product to you for VERY low price plus shipping and handling. Please allow up to 2 - 3 weeks for delivery."



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